Sunday, October 5, 2008

View from the street.


Holy Cow! The progress that was made this weekend was INCREDIBLE! Reid showed up Friday and he and Dave finished framing the basement. Erik, bless his sweet heart, showed up Saturday morning at 7 a.m. from Seattle. Dave's nephew, Josh, and his Dad, Gary were all there on Saturday and they got the beams up and Saturday afternoon layed (is that the correct term?)all the floor joists! Sunday Dave, Erik and Reid put the plywood down for the floor on the main level. We were able to walk around the house and check out the view we'll have (mostly just the tops of houses and trees). Dave and JD are over at the house right now (7p.m. sunday) cleaning up the mess. It's really starting to take shape and it would never have happened without the great help from everyone. I got to use an airnailer today. My back is a little sore and so are my forearms (that stupid thing is heavy). Reid pointed out to everyone when we were in the basement that I missed some of the floor joists and went through the plywood...oops! We had a great time this weekend and look forward to another work party!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm a loser!

Yes, I'm a loser! I know I haven't been good about updating this stupid thing. We are much farther along on the house (or rather, Dave is), but these were the ones that were on my computer and not sitting in my camera which is way out in the hoo. I'll update this weekend, I promise.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 Things

Okay, I have 3 things that need to be said, so bear with me:

  1. LEAVING THE NEST: Our resident birds have left their sad. One day Dave and I were watching the nest and Dave commented that the young bird looked like it grew 2 inches over night. A few days later it was out of the nest, resting on the beam and fluffing it's wings...the next day, gone! We've seen them flying around in the back yard a couple of times....mother and baby bird together. She's a good mommy, showing her baby the ropes.

  2. OBSERVATIONS: So, I can tell you that women on an average will ask what the heck happened to my face and men.......they look, take a second look and have this look on their face like they need to beat someone up. They NEVER ask what has happened to my ever-changing face. So, I've come up with my own assessments: women want to help me if I'm in an abusive relationship and men, they're afraid to ask because they feel like they might actually have to go beat up the husband that did this to me. It's been very interesting and if you don't believe me, put some makeup on and try your own experiment. :)

  3. YIPPEE!: We have officially started building our house! I know, I know I can't actually believe it myself. Sunday was our official start date. Dave has been busy over there getting ready to pour footings for our foundation. He put up our temporary power pole with our street address on it. He's such a great guy. Our kids are camping with Nana for a few days, so we're home alone with our dirt to play in. After work today I went and helped him and yes, got all muddy and dirty. It felt GREAT! Our blog will most likely become our house-building blog. I'm sorry if you will be bored, but for our out-of-town relatives, this will be great. Plus I can't help but brag on my awesome husband!

Here's our first picture of our dirt that will slowly become our home and our power pole. (Notice the address: 2009. Coincidentally that will be the year we move in!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Shiner Day 3

I can see! Yesterday I iced it a lot and my eye opened. This morning it was pretty swollen, but after icing I was able to open it almost all the way and go to costco. I don't recommend going out in public when your face is looking like you've been in a bar fight. I made the kids go with me and they wanted me to leave my sunglasses on. But the few times I lifted them to see better or took them off, I got quite the stares. The entire right side of my face is now a bit swollen and tingly. The nurse called this morning and let me know that nothing is fractured, so that's great news! Dave knew the lab tech that did the x-rays yesterday and he printed a couple slides off for the kids to see. The kids keep telling me how scary I look. I thought it would be fun to do my other eye the same! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shiner update

Yes, I'm going to the doctor. It's open, you just can't tell 'cause it's swollen shut. My vision isn't impaired. I can lift my eyelid to see out. I'll keep you updated....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Dave and I are playing Jack and Jill softball on our church team. It's fun and usually pretty easy going and no one usually gets hurt......until today! A few years ago I hit a ball that came up and hit my friend Donna in the face and she had quite the shiner for a couple weeks! Well, paybacks are a (you fill in the blank). Tonight Dave was pitching and I was catching and a girl fouled one straight back at me and I didn't have time to think, let alone catch it! My first thought was, "that sounded like a watermelon cracking open on the cement. It should hurt, but it doesn't....that's not good." I felt my eye swelling in my hand at the plate. And, no, I don't have any eye makeup on! I'll let the picture speak for itself............

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Life

One day I was washing dishes and looked out our kitchen window and noticed this nest that magically appeared overnight. So, we've watched our momma bird sit on her nest. About two weeks ago she started getting up and looking at the eggs and within a week we saw a tiny beak appear. We have been eagerly watching our new residents every day. The tiny bird has grown and now the momma is feeding it worms. Yesterday I watched her feed her baby a live wiggling worm! :) It's been our entertainment lately....."You guys, come here quick, look at the baby bird!" Today JD asked if he could try to shoot the baby with his airsoft gun when he/she starts to fly. "NO! You may not!!" I think he's around the hunters too know who you are. We do have one problem though....the momma is a bit slow or something because she keeps flying into the windows, leaving bird poop on the patio. So, if she's not careful, she'll be getting shot! Just kidding............

Monday, July 21, 2008

Too much time on their hands!

Here's an example of what your children will do when you're at work and they're bored! They took pictures of it and left them for me to find.